Licensed greenhouse herb

The cannabis farm, Baan Suan Phuket Cannabis Centre, as you will see, is a six rai smallholding, owned and run by Ha Dee, with super adventurous plans, we already have two of a proposed three “outdoor” greenhouses built and running successfully, while our indoor facilities are nearly complete with the second phase due to be completed late September, allowing us to concentrate on the next priority Jimmy’s Coffee Shop.

Jimmy’s “Coffee Shop” which will act as the “retail” side of the farming business is the next item on our agenda, just as soon as our 2 new light / dark rooms are finishes before the end of the month, so visiting Jimmy you will be able to have your choice of cannabis a beer and a look at our progress which over the past year has been dramatic and all our visitors have never failed to be impressed.

There are four types of cannabis which includes hemp which in the old days, before the criminal corrupt pharmaceutical business oligarchs manage to get banned although sailors chewing rope only delivering a very small amount of cannabinoids as they saw Cannabis in general as a threat fo their enormous profits.

The two cannabis species we propogate where the plant is left to live its life in relation to the seasons, whereas a genetic modified variety will grow from seed to harvest in as little as three months. Both of these varieties have a huge amount of sub species including cross hybrids, hence there are dozens of Haze, skunk and cheesecake varieties all with different medical applications with some having different balances of THC and CBD. Add to this outdoor and indoor growing there is a lot more to growing “The Weed” than meets the eye. So please come and visit and learn more about your favoiurite social pastime, sample and see at Jimmy’s Coffee (grass house) Shop.