Situated at the gates of Baan Suan Phuket, one of Phuket’s biggest licensed cannabis farms.

Jimmy, being Scottish, wanted to call it the Weeds Hoose, but was talked into the less contentious, Jimmy’s Coffee Shop.

The Coffee Shop is the retail outlet of the farm, which manage the wholesale.

The Coffee Shop serves beers and soft drinks as well as coffee, and there is a comprehensive thai food menu available.

Jimmy's Coffee Shop Blog

Kratom Drink

The farm also a distributer of “K “ brand, a kratom based drink for which we supply the main ingredients to the manufacturer. Kratom is an energy drink with a similar affect to... Read More

Fishing in Phuket North

The continuation and evolution of Fishing in Phuket to Fishing in Phuket North, we now like to think of ourselves as the ADVENTURE end of the business, offering a choice of 3 speed... Read More

Welcome to Jimmy’s Coffee Shop

This all sounds great but the boating side of the business will, by necessity, have to take its place on the priority list. While the cruisers, catamarans and jet skis are already here.... Read More

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